Pressure-security for vessels and pipes

Safe BR901 Safety Valve


Industrial installations, processing technology, plant manufacturing, etc.


Steam, neutral gases, vapours and liquids



Technical Datasheet
User Manual - Operating and Installation Instructions

Photograph above shows three Safes getting installed on a PRS

Safe at work in the field

Msep – Moisture Separator

Water hammer damage is caused in steam pipes because of water slugs crashing into bends. This is because water drops have more mass and therefore more inertia than steam.

Moisture separators remove the moisture that remains suspended in the steam flow, which cannot be removed by either drainage or steam trapping. The separator is designed to work in-line and removes approximately 95 - 98% of the entrained condensate particles.




Strainers are installed in steam pipes to ensure that no dirt gets through with the steam and only clean steam is provided to the process. Often, pipeline debris such as dirt, metal burrs from welding, scale, rust and other solids find their way into the steam pipes leading to more maintainance hassles and plant shutdowns. Strainers are an important pipeline accessory that literally 'strains out' these solids in flowing liquids or gases, and protects steam equipment. Every important equipment like a PRV or trap has to have a strainer fitted upstream, i.e., just before it.

ARI Armaturen Steamline manufactures both the Y-type and the Bucket Strainers.