Condensate Management

Condensate Recovery Pump Systems

We offer the widest range of steam / air powered Condensate Pumps in India. Our products overcome the age-old problems of steam pumps like worn moving parts, springs, mechanical linkages etc. by combining modern technology with a classic principle. So if you need to pump up to 30 tons per hour of condensate without an electrical pump, please do call or write to us.

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Flash Separators

In any steam system, after the steam has been used, the condensate leaving the trap has 15 - 20% of the energy in steam. While most steam installations will feature some form of condensate return, the flash steam which is generated from high pressure condensate is generally vented, as it is seen to be inconsequential. However, it carries away half the energy in the condensate.

Steamline Flash Separators are designed to extract the most quantity of dry flash steam from condensate. The manufacture of these vessels conforms to pressure vessel design, and they are supplied with a comprehensive data dossier which guarantees their quality.

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FS datasheet

Condensate Purity Detection Systems

Contaminated condensate does not need to be drained any more. In dairies, for example, where the probability of getting milk in the condensate is high, we employ a sophisticated Condensate Purity System (CPS). This system will monitor and control based on the conductivity of return condensate. If the condensate is contaminated, it is drained, but if the condensate is pure, it is recovered.