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On larger boiler plants, pressurised de-aerators like the one shown above are installed. Live steam is used to bring feed water temp above 100ºC to “drive off” the oxygen content. This action is normally enhanced by the steam “scrubbing” the feedwater. The make-up water enters the deaerator and is broken into a spray or mist, and scrubbed with steam to force out the dissolved gases. At the elevated temperature the solubility of oxygen is extremely low.Steam and other non-condensibles flow upwards into the vent condensing section where the steam is condensed. Freed oxygen and other gases are vented to the atmosphere through the vent outlet.This type of deaerator usually consists of a heating and a deaerating section. The storage section of these units typically have a residual deaerated feedwater storage tank often designed to hold about 10 mins of rated capacity of boiler fedwater. Deaerators are typically elevated in boiler rooms to help create head pressure on pumps located lower. This allows hotter water to be pumped without vapor locking should some steam get into the pump.

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DHS Deaerator Heads

Steamline Deaerator heads offer the perfect solution for completely condensing flash steam generated in condensate return systems at the feedtank. This all SS assembly is fitted to the top of the feedtank, and has inlets for condensate, make-up water and flash steam.

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BBS – Boiler Blowdown Systems

All steam boilers need to be "blown down" to control their TDS level. Conventionally, this is done through a manual slide valve. How much blowdown is enough?

Too little, and your TDS could rise above limits specified for your boiler, giving rise to foaming, scaling and wet steam. Too much, and you're draining water that you've paid to heat.

Steamline Automatic Boiler Blowdown Controllers are packaged solutions to optimize your blowdown and reduce losses. They include Walchem Automatic Controllers, which are available for single or dual boiler control. When combined with the expertise Steamline has in this field, we truly offer world beating solutions for blowdown control.

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SFM - Steam Flow Meters

High turndown, density compensated mass flow meters for steam

Reliable, accurate fuel flow meters

Guaranteed overall system accuracy less than 1% of m.v.